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Ghost Light
than Active series No. 7

With the help of an Alaska Native grandmother suffering from dementia, Chukchi police chief Nathan Active hunts down the killer who hid a woman’s expertly dismembered body in the ice cellar of an abandoned Inupiat fish camp. The investigation pulls Active into a dark tangle of love and jealousy, even as he struggles with the PTSD that has haunted him since being wounded in a shootout in an earlier case.

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The Big Empty
Nathan Active series No. 6

"Active investigates a plane crash out in Alaska’s Big Empty—and what he finds there casts suspicion of murder on several locals in his small town of Chukchi. Evie Kavoonah, a young mother-to-be, and her fiancé, Dr. Todd Brenner, are on a flight over the Brooks Range when their bush plane runs out of gas and hits a ridge, instantly killing them both. Chukchi police chief Nathan Active doubts he’ll find anything amiss when his close friend, Cowboy Decker, asks him to look into the possibility of foul play. Evie was like a daughter to Cowboy, who trained her to fly, and he insists there’s no way his protégée made a fatal mistake that day. Nathan reluctantly plays along and discovers that Cowboy’s instincts are correct—the malfunction that led to the crash was carefully planned, and several people in the village have motives for targeting the pair. Meanwhile, Nathan’s wife, Gracie, is pregnant, but so scarred by memories of domestic abuse that she isn’t sure she should have the baby. Nathan must support her and their adopted daughter, Nita, while managing an increasingly complex and dangerous murder case." -- Publishers Weekly.

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Ghost Light audiobook now available!

That’s right, the long-awaited, eagerly anticipated, audio version of the seventh Nathan Active mystery is available on practically every audiobook service known to humankind.

Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books,, Rakutan Kobo,, AudioBooksNow, you name it!

Oh, and fascinating footnote—your reader is none other than my son, Paul Jones. He just happens to have been born in Kotzebue, the model for the fictional village of Chukchi in the Nathan Active mysteries!


Works in Progress
I was recently on a panel with four other Alaska authors to discuss our works in progress--the books we're writing now rather than the ones we already have out.

Mine, as it happens, is actually a crime novel set in Palm Springs, the first installment in a new series I'm launching!

If you'd like to check it out, you can watch it here on youtube!

Click here for another episode of the Big Alaska Show Book Panel featuring me with a couple of my fellow Alaska authors--Chris Lundgren and Lolo Paige--plus host Steve Stripling. This time our guest authors are Elishaba Doerksen, Rich Chiappone, and Steve Levi.


My other books:
SHERLOCK- the screenplay

Sherlock Holmes rescues a beautiful actress’s nephew from a secret London boy brothel while hiding an even bigger secret—he’s actually Eva Whittaker, a woman compelled by Victorian gender prejudices to pass as a man in order to follow her dream and become the world’s greatest detective.

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The Spill: Personal Stories from the Exxon Valdez Disaster

Twenty years after the Exxon Valdez ran aground on Bligh Reef, sixty-two men and women shared personal stories of what they saw, how they reacted, and how they coped with North America s worst tanker oil spill. The stories tell of a shockingly slow response, the struggle to save the stricken tanker, the often heroic but largely futile efforts to limit the spread of oil and clean the beaches, a heart-breaking loss of fish and wildlife, a crippling blow to the commercial fishing industry, lingering social problems, and a loss of innocence among Alaskans who believed this spill would never happen. Reliving their experiences are fishermen, Native villagers, biologists, environmentalists, sociologists, Exxon executives, the governor, mayors, journalists, workers who washed oily rocks even the skipper of the ill-fated ship. For many of them, as one sociologist put it, the only way the Exxon Valdez disaster will end is when they die. "The Spill" is a cautionary tale about the high cost of complacency and neglect, and fair warning of the perils of putting off disaster planning for another day.

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About Nathan Active

Biographies of me and my co-writers

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                Kill cover imageTundra Kill
Nathan Active series No. 5

"Active investigates a hit-and-run snowmobile homicide. He must also fight off the advances of Alaska’s gorgeous man-eating governor, Helen Mercer, who’s making a publicity-driven visit to her Chukchi home while contemplating a run for the White House. Jones uses his intimate knowledge of the state, his fondness for the Inupiat people and their traditions, and his eye for politicians’ excruciatingly funny incongruities to produce a well-rounded and appealing portrait of America’s Last Frontier." — Publishers Weekly

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Ghost Bear draft cover Village of the Ghost Bears
Nathan Active series No. 4   

"Jones delivers a finely laddered plot — involving deadly arson at a local recreation center and a faceless body discovered at a remote campsite — but the real fun, as always, lies in the dozens of mini-lessons he gives on hardscrabble Alaskan life, covering everything from the illegal trade in polar-bear bladders to the description of a potent indigenous chewing tobacco made from burnt birch-tree fungus." — Tina Jordan Tucker, Entertainment Weekly

Hear Stan's interview with Jeff Brown on Juneau public radio station KTOO.

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                  Sun coverFrozen Sun
Nathan Active series No. 3   

"Jones doesn’t pretend to find anything remotely character-building in the conditions of those who have survived the unforgiving climate of the Arctic only to disappear on the streets." Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

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                    Pass cover
Shaman Pass
Nathan Active series, No. 2   

"Active maintains his awe of the vast Alaskan tundra, a forbidding region that Jones renders in all its bone-chilling beauty." Marilyn Stasio, New York Times.

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White Sky coverWhite Sky, Black Ice
Nathan Active series, No. 1    

"You can feel the bite of the west wind that comes screaming across the Alaska tundra and sense the isolation of the Inupiat Eskimos who live in this desolate part of the far north." Marilyn Stasio, New York Times.

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Do I have to read the series in publication order?

At this point, that question may be on your mind. Well, I'm happy to report that, no, you do not have to read the series in publication order to make sense of each individual book. You can start wherever you like!

Each Nathan Active novel is a fascinating self-contained mystery with enough background on the colorful characters of Chukchi and the exotic Arctic setting to be read without reference to its predecessors. So pick a title and enjoy!