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Soho Press
   853 Broadway
   New York NY 10003

Bowhead Press
   Box 240212
   Anchorage AK 99524

Epicenter Press
   Box 82368
   Kenmore, WA 98028
   (425) 485-6822

Editions du Masque
   17 rue Jacob
   75006 Paris
   Telephone: 01 44 41 74 00

01 44 41 74 00

   P.O. Box 2188
   CH - 8027 Zurich

Stan's Agent

Richard Henshaw
Richard Henshaw Group
   145 W. 28th Street, 12th Floor
   New York, NY 10001

Dramatic rights to the Nathan Active novels are managed by  Rich Henshaw.
Patricia Watts
For the first time in the Nathan Active series, I worked with a co-writer, the immensely talented Patricia Watts, on The Big Empty. (We're also working together on the next Nathan Active book, tentatively titled To The Marrow.)

Here's Patricia's contact and books info:


Patricia's books:
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