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Seattle Times review of Tundra Kill--February 2016

Mysteristas Blog Q&A--February 2016

KTUU Televsion Interview--January 2016

Booktrails Blog Q&A--December 2015

Publishers Weekly review of Tundra Kill--December 2015

Kirkus review of Tundra Kill--November 2015

Article on world-famous Unalaska Police Blotter--April 2015
(Disclosure: This article is not about me, but it is fascinating.
And I did contribute the picture used in the article!)

TED talk by Nathan's French translator--January 2014
(One fascinating element--he's blind)

Mysteries and More Blog Q&A--March 2013
Part I
Part II

Mysteries and More Blog Q&A--July 2012

Dutch Harbor radio interview--October 2010

(Note: May not play correctly
in Google Chrome)

Juneau public radio interview--December 2009

Hazelwood apologizes for Exxon Valdez spill--March 2009
(Not about me, per se, but it is about the most interesting
chapter in the book I co-wrote on the Exxon Valdez)